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What we do

At Roofing Innovations we offer a full range of roofing services covering both domestic and commercial clients. Our experience means that we have extensive knowledge and can undertake projects from small domestic work to large commercial contracts. We believe the envelope of your project deserves to be designed and installed to the highest standards, by a contractor with the experience and attention to detail that we provide.

Our scope of works includes;

Our Team


Our directors are two friends that have worked in the construction industry for over 10 years. Whilst working their way through the hierarchy the general lack of quality became a point of contention for both Darren Fraser and Leon Clarke. This gave way to the inception of Roofing Innovations. The Core principle of the business is to ensure both staff and customers are treated and individuals and given the time care and respect they deserve. The aim of the company is to improve the quality of the service/products by developing caring, well trained motivated staff.

Darrren Fraser

Darren has a wealth of knowledge managing sites across the country, Darren worked his way through the management hierarchy to become a project manager. He also self funded his degree in construction management something he was keen to achieve. Darren is a keen table tennis player and enjoys distance road cycling.

Leon Clarke

Leon started his career working and a labourer under a skilled roofer for several years. He quickly took to roofing and became a skilled tradesman within the first 3 years of roofing. Leon joined darren as a Site Manager for several years before taking the step to start Roofing Innovations. Leon in very committed to his boxing training. He is currently training for an exhibition fight and is hoping to convincingly win.

The Roofing teams.

At Roofing Innovations we have a team of specialist that specialise in the different types of roofing. We have a team of skilled flat roofers that work to exceptional standards to provide robust flat roof coverings. We have two teams of experienced pitched roofing tradesman who work closely with leon to provide exceptional details roof coverings. All our staff work closely to ensure our core principle in maintained. We work as a team and provide the highest quality service/product possible.

Our Future

At roofing innovations we are Investing in sustainable roofing designs that can be applied to both domestic and commercial roofing solutions. The aim is to provide a roof covering that retains more heat and uses that heat via a heat recovery unit to heat the remainder of the home.

The goal is to design a passive roof system that can be offered to customer with real lift data to prove its efficiency. The  Passivhaus standard is the highest current standard of building in relation to energy efficiency. Through rigorous design the Passivhaus standard aims to maintain constant temperature through insulating and ventilating whilst allowing for very little additional heating or cooling.

Both our directors worked with the Imperial War Museum Duxford to develop and build the most air tight building in the world. Darren Fraser was the project manager for the project and Leon Clarke was the site delivery manager. The IWM project provided the blueprint to develop a roof system that can be applied to both domestic and commercial buildings to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the occupants energy consumption.


NFRC Members

Members of the national federation of Roofing contractors

CSCS Registered

Our staff are registered with the CSCS training scheme.

Opti Tec partners

Flat roof training and quality inspection

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