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Woburn - Spanish slates

On this project the customer was converting an outbuilding into a self-contained 1 bedroom, bungalow. The customer required us to build the porch roof structure as it was beyond repair. The customer required us to reuse his old slates, and mix in new Spanish slates on one side, to reduce the build cost. The front elevation was covered with all new Spanish slates.

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Sutton – Clay Plain tiles

This project required us to install a new Clay plain tile roof covering or the new home owners. The property was an large bungalow approximately 150m2. On this property we installed a French clay tile, Terreal Eminence Flame Read and the outcome was exceptional. This project included three installation of Bonnet and valley tiles.

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Cambridge - Timber structure

On this project the client required us to install a new timber roof structure and conservation velux windows to a new modern one bedroom house in mill road Cambridge. The final roof covering was Zinc and the project looks amazing.

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Cambridge – Fibre cement tiles and solar hooks

This project required the supply and installation of a new fibre cement tile roof covering whilst installing fixing brackets for the new photovoltaic solar panels. The customer also required us to install a warm roof and EPDM roof covering.

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Cambridge – Concrete plain tiles

On this project the customer require a new roof covering in keeping with the surrounding houses. The customer was on a budget so we supplied a concrete plain tile and premium felt underlay. The customer was extremely pleased with the result.

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Cottenham - Fibre cement slates

The customer was converting the loft space into a bedroom and ensuite and require the supply and installation of new fibre cement slates. The customer also required the installation of three velux windows. As each fibre cement slate is machine made the finish on this roof was very neat.

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